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120 Most Inspiring Asian Americans of All Time
Pioneers who helped shape the Asian experience in America.
Goldsea Asian American Personalities & Success Stories
Asian American actors, politicians, artists, leaders and characters.
The New Imagemakers
12 Asian Americans changing the way we're seen.
The 20 Most Inspiring Asian Sports Stars
Athletes who put Asians into the U.S. sports scene.
Asian American Digital Pioneers
Asian Americans who powered the tech revolution.
12 Most Brilliant AA of All Time
Asian Americans who have expanded the frontiers of thought.
Corporate Superstars
Asian Americans in the executive suites of top corporations.
Greatest War Heroes
12 Asian Americans who fought with unforgettable bravery.
Son Also Rises
Yahoo! investor Masayoshi Son takes on Japan's Ma Bell for broadband supremacy.
Shifting into Drive
Grace Park rekindles hopes of becoming golf's golden girl.
Cool Fusion
Ming Tsai serves up all-American patter with bold east-west platters.
Governor Fix-It
Gary Locke is poised for a role in national Presidential politics.
Arriving at White Castle
The role of Harold Lee may do for John Cho what Ted Logan did for Keanu Reeves.
Legally Renowned
U.S. Attorney Debra Yang is America's most powerful practicing female attorney.
Primal Man
Jason Scott Lee reveals the life changes that have made him so elusive after Dragon.
Everydude Uploaded
Keanu Reeves finds his best self in the virtual realm.
What Yao Means to Asian Men
Why Yao Ming represents the apex of the evolutionary scale of Asian men in American sports.
The Perky One
Lisa Ling's youthful rise to become TV's top Asian talking head.
Rising Fastballer
Chanho Park survives rookie year to become the Dodgers' star.
Deep Dark Enigma
Russell Wong wavers between heavyweight hunk and mystic-lite.
Fun-Loving Gal Chick
Ming-Na Wen's no quiet, dutiful Chinese daughter.
Heavenly & Earthy
Beauty and brains helped Joan Chen conquer two worlds.
Straight Shooter
Jeanette Lee cues her way to billiard championships.
Supermarket Special
How Tia Carrere was discovered and got her Hollywood break.
Heroine or Curse?
Lucy Liu creates a new stereotype for AA women.
Uneasy Writer
Chang-Rae Lee's uneasy heroes don't flatter AA men.
Supernova or Shooting Star?
Zhang Ziyi takes Hollywood by storm.
Prototype of the Nouvelle AM
Ming Tsai carves a unique niche in the American media.
Next Olympic Hero
Apolo Ohno leads the U.S. medal quest.
Done with Hollywood?
Joan Chen's career takes another twist.
First Asian American President?
Gary Locke has every credential for the White House.
Another Hideo Nomo?
Byung-Hyun Kim becomes a World Series scapegoat.
Unmade in Hollywood
Chow Yun-Fat loses the killer instinct.
Exile of the Primal Man
Did Jason Scott Lee bare his torso once too often?
Susie Wong Revisited
Nancy Kwan talks about her first and most notorious role.
Angela's Assets
Supermodel Angela Harry tells all about her spectacular success.
Kelly Green
A young Kelly Hu tries for the beauty crown that eludes her.
Rising Star
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa held out for strong, virile roles -- and got them.
Best of the Fists
Asian actor/producer Phil Rhee talks life, love & success.
Day Star
At 20 Lindsay Price is the gray lady of TV soapdom.
Morning Glory
Sharon Tay sheds her suit and gets personal.
Anchoring California
Wendy Tokuda wooed audiences up and down the West coast.
King of Branson
Shoji Tabuchi puts on the biggest show in the world's live country music capitol.
Web Weaver
Jerry Yang parlayed a homepage into the web's top cyber-empire.
The Unforgiven
France Nuyen talks about her Joyless Luckless ordeal with Amy Tan.
The Legend
Sessue Hayakawa the first Asian American superstar.
Leading Man Emeritus
James Shigeta is the greatest Asian leading man of all time.
Leslie's Demons
Leslie Cheung crosses the line between art forms and genders.
The Next Action Hero
Robin Shou has a shot at carrying on Bruce Lee's legacy.
Genghis Chan
Johnny Chan conquered the brutal odds of high-stakes poker.
Top AA Success Story
Charles Wang tops AA entrepreneurial success through relentless conquests.
Asian Beauty Greats
America's top Asian models and actresses.
Asian Beach Hunks
America's buffest Asian male actors & models.


Asian Makeup Tips
Asian Skincare Secrets
Fashion for Asian American Women
10-Minute Asian Makeovers
Asian Beauty Shopping Strategies
Women's WebGuide


Asian American Media and Consciousness: History and Evolution
From the Golden Hills News to Transpacific to Goldsea, an Asian American traces our media as a mirror on the Asian American experience.
Sex, Money & Asian Stereotypes
Hollywood had learned to exploits the most Asian of genres and locales to sell offsetting fantasies that reinforce Asian stereotypes.
Why I'm Sometimes Cold
A young Asian American woman awakens to Hollywood's impact on her perceptions and personality.
Survival Guide for Asian American Women
Tips to help avoid the most common pitfalls.
Military Injustice
Captain James Yee suffered a 7-month ordeal based on a bizarre espionage case.
Great Chinese Film Invasion
Four acclaimed Chinese films.
Evolution of an Asian American
The long road from prejudice to pride.
Fingering the Weak Links
AA who exploit stereotypes.
5 Big Myths about Asians
What America just doesn't get about Asians.
Confessions of an AA Wife
Ugly secrets behind 28 happy years.
How I Learned to Love AA Men
A WF Learns to Read AM.
Culture Divides AA Couple
An Asian American marriage falls victim to cultural differences.
80% Rule in Cold Prairie
A young Asian American learns the most important lesson of all.
The Asian Woman's Burden
AA women must bear a cross of our own.
Asian American Man to Man
Avoiding common AM traps.
Coming Home to An Asian Woman
Recovering from the fantasy blonde.
Sisterly Advice for Asian Men
How to fix the faults that women hate.
Brotherly Advice for Asian Women
All about eyes, hair, hip and brain.
Spotting Nouvelle Racism
The sly techniques of a sneaky new breed of racists.
Women Without Men
A second opinion on Asian writers like Tan and Hwang.
You've Come a Wong Way Baby!
The evolution of the Asian American woman.
Confessions of a Happy Asian American
Why it's more fun being an Asian American.
White Babe in Beijing
Columbia honors grad Rachel Dewoskin turns Chinese soap vixen.
Asian-Friendly Movie Guide
Our list of all-time great movies for Asian Americans.
An AsiAm Dream
A modest proposal to help S.C.W.s.
Asian Attitude Wanted
Being more Asian makes for better Americans.
Let's Go Golden
Let's claim a really great color.
Sacred Sexuality
Let's remember what really matters.
Canned Heat
Sexy Asian videos provide welcome relief from Hollywood formulas.
Hollywood's Asian Strategy
Hollywood locks up top Hong Kong talent to secure the Asian market.
Thoughts for Sleepless Nights
The crazy thoughts of a sane AA insomniac.
Welcome to the New Majority
Previews from California's professional world.
Asian Sitcom Guardian
Protecting the "Asian" in Asian American sitcom.
The China Syndrome
China-bashing hurts Asian Americans most.
The Chamber
Sex-slave mass murderer Charles Ng beats O.J. Simpson as Most Expensive Defendant in California history.
The Judge & the Con's Wife
Was having the trial judge seduce his wife Ming Ching Jin's worst nightmare or the best scam of his career?
Two Deaths, No Justice
The killings of Brandon Lee and Yoshi Hattori remain unpunished.
No More Mr Nice Guy
Acts of violence by AsiAms nullify stereotypes.
Witness Unbowed
Former "comfort woman" Chung Seo Woo was once a youthful victim of Japanese atrocity. She fights back.


What FOBs Think of ABA's
AA Character & Personality Traits
Advantages of Being AA
Comparing Asian Nationalities
Yellow Peril and AM Threat
JA Identity & Self-Image
AA Attitudes toward Hapas
AA Attitudes toward F.O.B.s
AA Attitudes toward Height
AA Attitudes toward Weight
Best & worst of AA men
Best-kept secrets about AA men
Best & worst of AA women
Asian contributions to American culture
Rooting for Athletes from Asia vs. the U.S.
Top annoyances of Asian American life
Circumcision: The Unkindest Cut?
Can we lead bi-cultural lives?
What influences Asian status in America?
What stereotype bothers you most?
Which AA enjoy the most & least acceptance?


Truth about Asian Mothers
Asian Mothers-in-Law
Asian Potential in Sports
Raising AA Kids for Success
Asian Food in AA Diets
Martial Arts & Fighting Forms
Attitude toward Wealth
Challenges of AA teens & parents
Favorite Asian Cuisines
Favorite Participatory Sports
Favorite Non-Sport Recreation
Favorite Asian clubs
Favorite travel destinations
The Healthiest Thing You Do
Money & investing


Ivies Worth the Sacrifices?
Glass Ceiling for AA Execs
Leaving Silicon Valley
Asian ancestry & your career
Professional Prestige and Fulfillment


Top Asian American Universities
Top AA Business Schools
Top AA Med Schools
Top AA Law Schools
Top AA Engineering Schools


Playboy Coaches Asian Men to Pick Up White Women
Living with Asian American Wives
WF Attraction to AM
AA Extramarital Flings
AA Gender Divide
AM Seeking Out Non-Asian Women


Yao Ming: The Next Asian Superstar?
What Happened to Jason Scott Lee?
Ming Tsai: Prototype of the New AA Male?
Are Asian Men Deliberately Excluded from Star Wars?
Is the U.S. Ready for Asian Pop Stars?
Mass Media Bias Against Asians
What's Holding Back Russell Wong?
Baseball & the AM Image
Jackie Chan vs Jet Li
Lisa Ling and Rick Yune: Love or Ambition?
Hong Kong Stars & AA Image
Favorite AA authors & books
Top Asian Athletes
Greatest Asian Actors
Best & Worst Movies for AA
Asians on U.S. TV Networks


Norman Mineta's Performance & Image
Coming Shifts in Pacific Power Balance
Impact of Corean Unification
China's Prospects for Avoiding the Soviet Union's Fate
Japan's Impact on the Asian Image
Racial Profiling to Fight Terrorism
National Missile Defense & China Relations
Defend Taiwan or Appease China
Compensation for Nogunri Massacre Victims
Change Korea to Corea
Wen Ho Lee: Prosecution or Persecution
Best & Worst of Corea
Best & Worst of Taiwan
Best & Worst of Japan
Asian History & Modern Society
AA & the Presidency
Top U.S. Asia-Policy Objective


Best & Worst Foundations for AF
Best & Worst Asian Eye Makeup
Hairstyles, treatments & products
Women's Fashion Winners & Gaffes
Beauty & Makeup
Cosmetic surgery
AA Men's Fashion hits and gaffes


AA Life in Honolulu
AA Life in Boston
AA Life in Washington D.C.
AA Life in Chicago
AA Life in Seattle
AA Life in San Jose
Best American Cities
Asian Life in Houston
Asian Life in Los Angeles
Asian Life in New York City
Asian Life in the SF Bay Area


Asian American Singles Experience: Beachballs
Men's Idea of a Perfect First Date
Women's Idea of a Perfect First Date
What AA Women Want in a Dream AA Man
What AA Men Want in a Dream AA Woman
Premarital Sex Among Asian Americans
Best & Worst Things About Dating Asians
How AA romances start and end


The Race Factor in Friendships
Identity of Asian Adoptees
Asian Men & White Women
Asian Women & White Men
Asian Men & Black Women
Asian Women & Black Men
Asian Men & Latinas
Asian Women & Latinos
Outmarriage & kids of IR marriages


Chinese Men & Chinese Women
Corean Men & Corean Women
Vietnamese Men & Vietnamese Women
Japanese Men & Japanese Women
Chinese Men & Corean Women
Chinese Women & Corean Men
Chinese Men & Japanese Women
Chinese Women & Japanese Men
Chinese Men & Vietnamese Women
Chinese Women & Vietnamese Men
Corean Men & Japanese Women
Corean Women & Japanese Men